Learn about the application process at HIT, Inc.

Where and how do I apply for a job at HIT, Inc.?
Applicants can use our job search database to see exactly which positions we have open that meet their needs.Once an applicant has decided which jobs they would like to apply for they add the job to their job list and then apply for their saved jobs. From there they only need to complete the online application.

Who will contact me about my application?
Those applicants the agency wishes to interview will more than likely get a call from Brynn, our HR Generalist. Brynn will more than likely go over a series of introductary questions. From there he will meet with the rest of the HR team and decide if they wish to proceed with the interview. Applicants may get a second call from Brynn to offer them a time for an in-person interview.  

I have an interview with HIT…now where do I go?
Most interviews occur at our downtown building 201 4th Ave NW, Mandan. See the graphic below for a map of our location. Applicants should show up on time for their interview and check in with Korena at the front desk.


What can I expect my interview to be like with HIT, Inc.?

The main goal of the interview process here at HIT, Inc. is for you to learn more about our great company and for us to learn more about you. We are honored you wish to join our team and we make sure you feel comfortable and appreciated as we get to know one another. A typical interview consists of a realistic job preview; a series of questions that will help us decide if you are the right fit for our agency at the time; a discussion on the current job openings we have; and a Q&A time for you to learn more about HIT, Inc. and all that we offer. Plan for 45 minutes to 1 hour of your schedule to be available for the interview process. Following the interview Brynn will meet with the HR and Management teams and you will be contacted in regards to the decision.